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Christchurch Harbour

The Harbour, Lower Avon, Stour and Claypool are some of the best locations for Sea Trout fishing in England. The area is well-renowned for specimen Mullet and it quality Bass fishing, with the added bonus of the occasional salmon. Large Pike can be found above and around Tuckton Bridge, and Carp up to 30lbs in weight can be caught along the towpath and bandstand area. Lower Stour and the Harbour is a sports fishery where all species are returned to the water.


Sea Trout Fishing at Christchurch Harbour (including Lower Avon and Stour)

The Harbour, Lower Avon, Stour and Claypool is a sports fishery where all species are returned to the water. Some of the very best Sea Trout fishing in England is on offer with the added bonus of the occasional Salmon. The area is famous for specimen Mullet and quality Bass fishing.

The Lower Avon and Lower Stour together with two thirds of Christchurch Harbour are managed by Bournemouth Water Leisure and RDAA. The boundary of the water company ownership is marked by yellow buoys (fishing on the outward side of the yellow buoys is also allowed, is free of change and open to the general public)

More information about Sandpit Marsh can be found here

Fishing Seasons:

  • Bass and Mullet: all year
  • Sea Trout fishing in season only: 15 April to 31 October
  • Salmon fishing in season only: 1 February to 31 August
  • No spinning during the period: 1 February to 14 May


  • Pifflers must carry Photo ID; our booking system automatically notifies your name to the bailiff. If requested you must prove your identity to them.
  • You are expected to Fly Fish although this is not compulsory
  • You may fish from the shore designated areas or from a boat.
  • An appropriate environment rod licence is required for the type of fishing carried out
  • All caught fish must be returned to the water including Bass and Mullet
  • No coarse fishing between 15th March and 15th June
  • Coarse fishing techniques cannot be used from the southern end of Claypool upstream to Tuckton Bridge during the coarse fishing close season
  • No Trolling at any time
  • All game fish caught must be reported on your catch return.
  • No bait digging allowed on the fishery
  • If bait fishing Anglers must not use two separately baited hooks attached to the same main fishing line
  • These regulations apply to bankside and boat fishing from Tuckton Bridge to the limits of South West Water boundary in the harbour (marked by yellow buoys)
  • Take particular care to access only permitted areas in Stanpit nature reserve.


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