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General information about the Property Industry Flyfishers is given below :



Historically this was the RICS Fly Fishing Club, which expanded to include non-RICS members a few years ago, changing its name to the Property Industry Flyfishers or Pifflers at the same time.

It is a not - for - profit organisation.

The aim is to provide members with discounted and regular fishing at cost. The club underwrites the cost of annual fly fishing currently on the Avon, Dun, Wylye, Kennet and the Test and lets it out to members on a day-rod basis.

The membership subscriptions are fixed at the point of joining. RICS members received heavily discounted membership and those in full time study may join free of charge.

Bookings are taken early in the new year on a first come, first served basis to secure the fishing rights. 
A small committee operates to run the Club:

  • Paul Welling, JLT Real Estate, Chairman
  • Sue Welling, Secretary/Treasurer
  • Steve Spray, LaSalle Investment Management, Member Benefits
  • Charles Dring, C H D Property, Events
  • John Ball, Guy Carpenter, Events & Lloyds Flyfishers Liaison
  • Andrew Maclaren, Canada Life, Overseas & Salmon
  • James Finnis, JLL, Membership
  • Rob Gibson, JLL, Fisheries
  • Nick Marshall, DAC Beachcroft, Legal and Lawyers Flyfishers liaison

The club also has close ties to the Lawyers and Lloyds Fly Fishing Societies and often offers unused fishing from these organisations too - also at cost.

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To see more information about the Club, view the 2019 report here.

Website contact webmaster@pifflers.org.uk
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