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General information about the Property Industry Flyfishers is given below :



Historically this was the RICS Fly Fishing Club, which expanded to include non- RICS members a few years ago, changing its name to the Property Industry Flyfishers, or Pifflers at the same time.

The aim is to provide members with discounted and regular fishing at cost. The club underwrites the cost of annual fly fishing rods currently on the Upper Avon, the Kennet  and the Test and lets it out to members on a daily basis.

Bookings are taken early in the new year from members on both waters and cash payment by cheque on a first come, first served basis to secure the fishing rights. 

Coarse Fishing / full season fishing - for those interested, we are associated with Mountmill Angling Syndicate which runs almost 2 miles on the upper Great Ouse at Beachampton / Deanshanger (just north of Milton Keynes) This fishery is the lower end of the beat made famous by Dick Walker and the Taylor brothers at the end of the 1950’s and early 1960’s and is back to its best. It contains huge chub (one of 7lbs 6 ozs last year) and perch (best 4lbs 10 ozs) as well as pike, bream, roach and dace. It has been stocked with barbel and throws up the occasional surprise like trout and carp. This fishery is available at an annual cost of £100. Is is a good venue for taking pike on the Fly in the winter and dace, chub and perch in summer.

Other member benefits include a 15% discount from John Norris of Penrith and a discount from a notable fly tier.

The club also has close ties to the Lawyers and Lloyds Fly Fishing Societies and often offers unused fishing from these organisations too - also at cost.
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